We Provide a Better Health Solution for Patients


We are aiming at developing patient-specific diagnoses and therapies for human diseases based on computer simulation technologies.

We are developing patient-specific diagnosis technologies for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases based on blood flow simulation technology.

Now we are under clinical trial for CT-FFR simulation Software(HeartMedi 1.0). After the completion of clinical trial, CT-FFR simulation software can be used for the estimation of degree of stenosis of coronary artery in hospital. Also, CT-FFR simulation software can be included into the regular health medical examination service in order to check the status of heart of a person.

Meanwhile, we have developed exercise blood flow simulation software(VascFit Ver.1.0) and have been preparing services for providing an appropriate exercise plan for metabolic syndrome patients.

Also, we are developing patient-specific optimal anticancer drug prescription technology based on patient genetic information and molecular network simulation technology.


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  • Patient-specific Hemodynamic Simulation
  • Molecule Network Simulation
  • Simulation for Medical device development