Technical Skills and Know-How in the Blood Flow Simulation


Blood Flow Simulation Service

SiliconSapiens has been accumulated remarkable technical skills and know-how in the blood flow simulation service field. We has been performed constructing a personalized cardiovascular model, developing an anatomical and physiological cardiac model, ECG, MCG and BSPM analysis by virtual heart simulation, virtual cardioverter defibrillation simulation and blood dynamics simulation of the aorta and the ventricle.

  • Development of coronary artery lesion prognosis prediction system using blood test data and virtual stenosis, TIPS Program, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • Clinical test study for verifying effectiveness of FFR predicted by CT-FFR simulator, Medical Device & Technology Development Project, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Development of 3D coronary artery segmentation AI system for developing CT-FFR diagnostic technology, Investment-connected Business Growth R&D Support Project, Korea Industrial Technology Association
  • Development of computer simulation-based software for predicting individual's exercise load and providing optimized exercise plan, Implementation Plan of Technology Development Project for Local Specialization Industry, Gangwon Institute for Regional Program Evaluation
  • Development of technology for commercializing medical content of cardiovascular simulation, New Industry Creation Project, Ministry of Science and ICT
  • Development of integrated blood flow dynamics simulation system for analysis of cerebrovascular diseases, Basic Science Research Support Project, National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Development of cardiac arrhythmia prediction/prevention system using ultrasound imaging and electrocardiogram sensor, Leading Industry Nurturing Projects (LINPs) on Economic Region level, Gangwon Institute for Regional Program Evaluation
  • Biomechanics-based virtual heart technology for simulating cardiac arrhythmia, Basic Science Research Support Project, National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Computer simulation of fractional flow reserve (FFR) index, 지표의 Computer simulation, Health and Medical Technology Promotion Project, Asan Medical Center
  • Cardiovascular model-based blood pressure simulation and data analysis (Samsung Electronics)
  • Development of virtual cardiac arrhythmia surgery S/W (Yonsei University)
  • Production of trial product of virtual atrial fibrillation surgery S/W (Yonsei University)
  • Production of simulation tool for clinical verification of cardiac defibrillation (CU Medical Systems)
  • Development of virtual heart modeling S/W (CU Medical Systems)
  • Production of bio-signal processing S/W for ALS monitor (CU Medical Systems)
  • Development of cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis S/W(CU Medical Systems)